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官方PC 3000 PORTABLE 升級

剛剛收到電郵, PC3000 PORTABLE的DE功能會和PC3000 UDMA 和 pc3000 express 一樣, 想請問何時能升級

PC-3000 Portable – being mobilePC-3000 Portable used to be easier and limited in comparison with PC-3000 UDMA, as it was intended for novices and those companies who perform data recovery from time to time and don't plan serious investments. We noticed that sooner or later engineers needed more features because they were developing their skills and the functionality of PC-3000 Portable became not enough for them. That's why we decided to provide PC-3000 Portable in full functionality, the same as PC-3000 UDMA.
Thus now PC-3000 Portable has the same features as PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 UDMA, just it is a mobile tool. Being able to take your PC-3000 to the customer's office can be necessary for many forensic organizations as data of such customers can be too sensitive and confidential. Moreover, having portable PC-3000 broadens the range of DR services for the companies.
Full-function version of PC-3000 Portable has:

[*]opportunity to install software under OS Win XP/Vista/7/8, versions х86, х64;
[*]functionality of utilities that corresponds to functionalities of PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 UDMA;
[*]full-function Data Extractor Portable;
[*]mounting of disk into operating system;
[*]automatic installation/update of drivers during software installation.
Generally PC-3000 Portable is similar to PC-3000 UDMA with the only differences in the number of ports (it has one channel) and in lower speed of work.
UNPRECEDENTED BONUS for all current PC-3000 Portable owners! All customers who had previous versions of PC-3000 Portable get the full functionality of PC-3000 Portable with Data Extractor Portable FREE OF CHARGE! If you need technical consultation on it, please ask our engineers at Technical Support Centre. .

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